naglowek strzałka


Working area: 1500 mm x 3000 mm
Maximum material thickness:
Structural steel: 30 mm
Stainless steel: 15 mm

Working area: 2500 mm x 6000 mm
Maximum material thickness (gas cutting):
Structural steel: 150 mm


Bending length: 3100 mm
Pressure: 160 Ton

Bending length: 6000 mm
Pressure: 300 Ton


Working table dimensions: 1000 mm x 800 mm
Tool magazine: 60 tools
Axis travel X/Y/Z/W: 1250/800/800 mm
Pallet changer

Maximum cutting diameter: 533 mm
Maximum cutting length: 660 mm
Spindle bore: 76 mm
Tool magazine: 12 positions

Working area:
X-axis – 2134 mm
Y-axis – 1016 mm
Z-axis – 762 mm
Tool magazine: 30 positions


2 single-axis positioners
Distance between disks: 2200 mm
Total station capacity: 350 kg

For manual welding, we exclusively use welders from the renowned company LINCOLN ELECTRIC.

We have qualified welding procedure qualifications WPQR for materials:
Steel S235
Steel S355
Wear-resistant steels


Shot-blasting cabin with dimensions of 10×5 m


We provide comprehensive anti-corrosion protection (wet application) with systems of various specifications and adhesives (Chemosil) in 1K and 2K systems up to corrosion class CX. We have three painting stations with varied surface areas (from 150 to 200 m²), a shot blasting booth measuring 10x5x4 meters, and qualified personnel for abrasive blasting and painting work.


To control products, we use a HEXAGON measuring arm that enables 3D con